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How does our affiliate program work?

A affiliate program is a type of partnership in which the system pays us a debit for attracting customers or sales through your affiliate link. If someone signs up and pays for a server using your affiliate URL, you will receive 30% of the price of the services purchased in your affiliate account. For example, X person buys a 10.00€ service using your affiliate URL. You will receive a debit of 3.00€. in your account in our system.

What can I use this debit balance for?

You can use this debit balance for all our products we offer on the website, you can renew or purchase a new service. Once you reach 15.00€ in the affiliate system - you will be able to convert this commission into a debit balance in your account.

More infromation

Please note: If a user referred by the referral program has placed an order using a promotional code, the 30% commission will be applied to the final amount paid to us. Please note that we cannot provide this commission to you on this earned debit in real money. You can only receive your debit from the referral program as a debit balance to your account.

Why to choose us?

High-Tech Hardware

The hardware we use is with Intel and Ryzen processors with high clock speeds of 4-5 GHz so we can provide maximum performance, DDR4/5 RAM, NVMe drives and 1Gbps network connectivity!

Guaranteed DDoS protection

The game servers network is protected from DDoS attacks, to ensure this, we provide DDoS Protection built from multiple layers as well as specific Firewall rules!

Daily backups

Your files are safe. We provide Daily backups that are generated every 24 hours and stored for 5 days on remote servers!

Easy management

With our control panel you can take advantage of text editors, mod and version installer, FTP access, sub-user section and all sorts of other extras!

Completely risk-free

We're so sure you'll love our services that we provide a 7-day money back guarantee. If you're not happy with your package, we'll refund you!


Get the best service. Our average support request response time is under 15 minutes. Our senior specialists will assist you as much as possible!

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